I fink u freeky

Jedna z tych creepy-as-hell rzeczy, za które oddałabym nerkę.


Oto… flakon na perfumy w kształcie głowy łabędzia. Yup.
Stworzony przez firmę Thomas Webb&Sons, datowany na rok 1884.


Cytując krótką rozmowę o flakonie ze strony pbs.org:

GUEST: I brought a goose head. It’s a perfume bottle. It used to belong to my great-grandmother. She collected all sorts of glass, and this sort of made its way down the family. I was told it was cameo.  (…) It was appraised in 1984, and they said it was about $900 at that point in time. So I’ve been keeping it sort of hid away so it doesn’t get any damage.
APPRAISER: It’s produced in England, and it does have a sterling silver lid. And if we go in, we can see a set of hallmarks here, which track us back into London in 1884. It’s a very, very important English glassmaker, and it was made by a company called Thomas Webb & Sons. And they produced these swan’s head. (…) Ruby is one of the better colors and probably the best color. This is the 5 1/4-inch size, which is a little bit smaller than a large one. And it’s great that it’s in its original box. Any clue what you think it might be worth today?
GUEST: I figured it was worth probably more than $900, but I’ve been told that collectible glass, people don’t collect it as much as they used to. So I don’t know what the value would be.
APPRAISER: Well, there are certain things that perform still. This particular piece, if you brought it into an auction today, conservatively would be estimated between $5,000 and $7,000. 

Nie mogę przestać myśleć o tym flakonie.


Cała rozmowa tutaj: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/archive/201201A54.html

[Dziękuję Kasieńce z Fragrantiki za znalezienie tego cuda! Choć może z nie tak entuzjastycznym zamysłem ;]

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